Jensen Meat

Jensen Meat Company

San Diego, California


Jensen Meat Company is a top producer of ground beef patties for the retail food supply chain in the Western United States. When Jensen Meat needed to expand their business to keep up with demand, they chose C&L Refrigeration to design and build a new custom refrigeration system with one new quick freeze spiral freezer, and the capability of adding a second future spiral freezer. C&L designed and built an industrial two-stage ammonia refrigeration system that operates 135 tons at -60°F, with expansion to accommodate future second spiral freezer to quick freeze 12,750 pounds of burger patties per hour, and a 5,000 sq. ft USDA meat processing room.

Quick Facts

  • Design/build ammonia ultra-cold -60°F two-stage refrigeration system for spiral freezers (quick freezing of hamburger patties)
  • Stainless steel refrigerant piping, surge drum and evaporator coil for low temperature application
  • Custom industrial refrigeration controls
  • Ammonia safety design includes Risk Management Program (RMP), Emergency Pressure Control Systems (EPCS), Explosion proof exhaust fans, ammonia diffusion tank, ammonia detection system, and pressure relief system
  • Adds approx. 30 million pounds of frozen burger capacity and 10 million pounds of fresh beef capacity