Refrigeration PM Programs


A commercial refrigeration system is at the heart of any food service business and can cause lost time, product and money when the system breaks down. While no refrigeration system lasts forever, there are several things you can do to extend the life of your system. If preventative maintenance is not performed regularly or if it is done poorly, the equipment will require extensive and costly repairs at a later date. C&L's preventative maintenance programs include regular inspections each year. During these inspections, proper operation of the equipment is checked and verified. 



How much of your company's profit is floating out the window due to peak season breakdowns, energy inefficiencies and inflated operational costs? C&L will work with you to evaluate your current HVAC equipment and establish a customized preventative maintenance plan that can help keep these issues at bay. Your personal customer service representative will tailor fit a program that can help your company: 


  • avoid product loss
  • increase equipment longevity
  • reduce risk
  • lower energy costs
  • avoid frequent emergency service calls
  • optimize equipment performance
  • experience peace of mind

Industrial Refrigeration 


C&L has decades of experience handling project scopes of all sizes, from tenant improvements to new ground up design-build refrigeration projects. C&L can engineer, construct, startup, and maintain refrigeration systems that are designed for efficiency and built to last for many years of reliable operation. Our certified steel pipe welders, construction and project management team are ready to help.  


We service, maintain, design and construct a wide variety of custom cooling applications, such as: 


  • Ammonia refrigeration systems 
  • Beverage and juice cooling 
  • Blast freezers and spiral freezers 
  • Custom rack compressor systems 
  • Food processing rooms 
  • Fruit ripening rooms 
  • Glycol and water production line chillers 
  • Halocarbon refrigeration systems 
  • Hygienic air units and makeup air units 
  • Refrigerated distribution centers 
  • Storage freezers, coolers and docks 
  • USDA meat plants 


Services Provided


  • Ammonia PSM, RMP compliance assistance 
  • Ammonia & freon system service, maintenance, design and construction 
  • Controls monitoring 
  • Laser alignment 
  • Ndep CAPP compliance assistance 
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs 
  • Refrigerant retrofit  
  • Vibration analysis and reporting 


Vibration Analysis


Save time and money with C&L Refrigeration's Preventative Vibration Analysis Program (PVAP). PVAP is a carefully planned system of detecting bearing faults before they can lead to a catastrophic failure of your motor or compressor. C&L's vibration analysis will provide you information on the health and condition of your machinery, which will allow you to make prompt corrective actions. The results are optimizing your machine productivity, extended machine life, and reduced maintenance costs.  


Technical Experience 


C&L conducts regular training and continuing education programs that cover everything from health and safety, to customer service, to compliance regulations, to the ins-and-outs of the latest in industry technology. C&L technicians are professionals who focus on offering innovative, timely solutions to today's complicated and varied HVAC/R demands.